Locally Sourced, Locally Crafted.

Founded in 2020, Tree to Table PDX is a sustainable company based in Portland, Oregon with a mission to repurpose salvaged urban trees into a variety of handmade wooden products.

Handcrafted Charcuterie Boards

Large Charcuterie Boards

Our large sized charcuterie boards are handcrafted and measure approximately 14 x... 

Bee Butter - Homemade Wood Conditioner

Bee Butter

Our signature Bee Butter is a recipe designed to preserve the quality... 

Homemade, Organic, and Versatile

The beeswax used to make our Bee Butter comes from local backyard bees in Portland, Oregon. This wood conditioner is completely organic and food grade safe, and it can be applied to any and all of our wooden products. Our Bee butter is used on every charcuterie board that we make.

Live Edge Tables

Our Tree to Table Process

  • Tree Servicing and Salvage

    We work hand in hand with our business partner, Wind Thin Tree Service, to safely procure and store precarious and diseased trees from all over the Portland Metro Area.

    Wind Thin Tree Service 
  • Slabbing, Milling and Stickering

    Logs are transported back to our yard in Northeast Portland, where they are milled and slabbed. When this process is complete, they are stickered and banded together. At this point they are ready to begin the drying process.

  • Drying and Storing

    We use two methods of drying, Kiln drying, and solar drying. Once logs are stickered and banded they are ready to begin one of these two processes. It will take two to three years for some of our logs to dry. When we have used a moisture meter to establish that a slab is workable, it is considered ready for the next phase.

  • Planing and Surface Sanding

    The surfaces of our slabs are often textured and uneven after milling and being exposed to the elements. We plane and surface sand our wood to ensure that every piece is flat and smooth. Only then will slabs be deemed ready to work on.

  • Creating and Cutting

    The decision of what products our logs will become can be made early in the milling process. However the species, the condition of the wood, and its natural features can all be variables in this decision. This phase involves cutting, shaping, routering, joining and all sorts of other preparation for the final step of production. This is a creative endeavor, and we always approach it as such.

  • Hand Sanding and Finishing

    All of our wooden products are hand made, hand sanded, and hand finished. This final phase requires an enormous amount of attention to detail. We are extremely thorough in this endeavor, and make sure that our wood is always sanded to silk. We prioritize this final step to a high degree because of the honor and respect we have for our trees, and our mission to let them live on as heirlooms for many years to come.

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