Our Story

Tree to Table is a family business focused on salvaging and repurposing urban trees through sustainable practices into a variety of hand crafted wood products. It was founded through the partnership and marriage of Christy Covington and Curtis Falbo. Over the course of a 40 year career in the US. Forest Service, Christy developed a deep love and passion for the natural world. Through two decades of owning and operating a tree service company and honing his expertise, Curtis has become one of the most competent and capable arborists in Portland. When two hard working people combine their talents, expertise, and resources, great things can happen.

Curtis Falbo is the founder and owner of Wind Thin Tree Service. Wind Thin has been providing high quality service to customers for over 20 years, and in the process Curtis has been accumulating a sizable collection of salvaged logs. Whether it was selling the log or milling them into slabs, for years Curtis knew that he wanted to make use of the wood he had collected. In early 2020, utilizing the resources and foundation that they had established through Wind Thin, Christy created Tree to Table as a way to bring these logs and slabs new life.

Christy began learning how to cut, sand, and finish charcuterie boards and wood tables in their backyard. These handcrafted pieces took time and care to create, and she undertook them as a passion project due to the excitement of this new budding business. She could not let this beautiful wood go to waste, and felt a responsibility to take action. Despite being mildly intimidated, she brought her pieces to a Metalwood Salvage market. As soon as people at the market saw these products, she began to draw attention and interest. Ever since then that positive momentum has only continued to build.

Over the years we have built an amazing team of determined woodcrafters who consistently show up and uphold the high standard of quality we’ve maintained from the start. Christy is the first to say she does not do this alone, and we have a great deal of gratitude for how close knit our team has always been, and continues to be. Our commitment to consistently making high quality unique products while maintaining our sustainable practices makes the work we do extremely fulfilling.

Tree to Table’s style since the beginning has always been to work with what the wood naturally provides. Whether we’re transforming our larger slabs into dining or conference room tables, or turning smaller pieces of wood into live-edge shelving and charcuterie boards. We interfere as minimally as possible with the unique characteristics of each piece of wood, and listen to the story it tells us.

Tree to Table is not only a company, it is a creative outlet and family of hard working, innovative, and ambitious people. We continue to salvage and repurpose this high quality wood because our products bring value to our customer’s lives. They not only provide a functional purpose, but also tell a story. We want nothing more than to create a positive and meaningful impact on our customers, team, and the world through our outstanding craftsmanship and quality.


Wind Thin Tree Service

The Wind Thin team is crucial in our process, and we are grateful to have such a high quality parent company to support us with sourcing, transportation, and logistics among other things.

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Wind Thin Tree Service