When two people combine their talents, expertise, and resources, great things can happen!

About Us

Christy Covington and Curtis Falbo’s roots in trees run deep. After a 40 year career in the US. Forest Service, Christy developed a love and passion for the natural world. Her husband Curtis, founder and owner of Wind Thin Tree Service, has been saving and storing logs for over 20 years. Together they have been milling, stickering, and drying these logs for many years.

Christy and Curtis appreciated these urban trees for the power and personality they had, along with their stories. In 2020, Christy decided to launch a business to give the raw logs and slabbed wood a new purpose, by creating products out of them—and Tree to Table was born. The last thing either of them wanted was for these beautiful trees to continue to go to wood waste.

Tree to Table’s style has always been to work with what the wood naturally provides, whether it’s transforming large slabs into dining and conference room tables or turning smaller pieces into live-edge shelving or charcuterie boards. Tables of all shapes, sizes, and species have been created along the way.

No matter what we’re producing, we begin with salvaged wood, which will need to dry / cure for two to three years before the wood is ready to be worked with. Our tables, shelves and boards are all locally salvaged, hand crafted, hand sanded and finished through the entire process from tree to table.

Our Teams

Wind Thin Tree Service

Without Wind Thin Tree Service, Tree to Table would not have been born. This parent partner and all the employees that build up the company have made it into one of the best tree service companies in Portland. They are crucial in our process, and we are so grateful to have them in our corner.

(503) 481-4628

Wind Thin Tree Service

Tree To Table

Tree to Table has developed all of our production processes and systems through collaboration and teamwork. When our company was first starting out, although we were not fortunate enough to have a full team quite yet, our collaboration with Wind Thin Tree Service offered us the opportunity to build a strong foundation. Ever since we built up a team of solid and consistent people, we have made a practice of working together through every market, large custom order, or obstacle. This has been a fundamental part of our success as a company.