Custom Order Requests.

Please contact us using the form below and provide the following information in as much detail as possible.

  • Type of Product (Dining Room Table, Bar Top, Shelf, etc.)
  • Size / Dimensions
  • Desired Species of Wood
  • Desired Table Legs / Base for Tables
  • Desired Timeframe

Bulk Charcuterie Board Orders.

Please Answer the Following Questions in the contact Form below to begin your Bulk Charcuterie Board order:

  • How many boards would you like to purchase in your bundle? (Minimum order quantity: 20 Units)

What color Wood Species would you prefer Specific species:

  • Light Wood Species
  • Dark Wood Species 
  • Variety of Dark and Light Wood

What size would you like (Examples are Approximate) :

  • Small 7" x 9"
  • Medium 11" x 15"
  • Large 14" x 21"

What kind of engraving would you like:

  • Classic Tree To Table Logo
  • Custom Engraved Logo
  • No Logo

Once we have this basic information, we will get in direct contact to establish further specifics about your desired boards, and provide a quote for them.

Please Use the Contact Form Below To Ask a Question or Begin Your Order :

Contact form

Custom Order Process and Information

Sourcing and Availablity

  • Tree to Table works with salvaged wood from Portland, OR and surrounding areas. Our inventory of workable wood is continuously changing.
  • We will source a piece of wood out of our available inventory and coordinate options for your project.

Pricing and Payment

  • Custom orders are priced individually based on size, complexity of design, and labor
  • A deposit equalling 50% of the total cost is required to initiate the custom order. This deposit will be coordinated through email. 
  • Full payment of the remaining balance is due prior to delivery or pickup.

Changes to Custom Orders

  • Changes to your design, dimensions, or other specifications can be accommodated within a reasonable timeframe before labor begins.
  • Additional costs may apply along with an adjusted timeline for changes requested after labor has begun. We’ll communicate these details and reach an agreement before continuing the order.

Completion and Delivery

  • We’ll send you updates regarding your order, and notify you when it is ready for delivery or pickup.
  • Most of our custom orders are running on a 2-4 week completion timeline. However, this varies significantly depending on the product.
  • We are based in Portland, Oregon and provide local delivery to customers in the city and surrounding areas.